...... to Las Palmas - Day 4

Donald Macdonald
Wed 4 Nov 2020 15:30
Position  31.42N 13.38W
Since last update we have continued the 1 hour sleeps to hand steer the whole time. Both of us now have aching shoulders from the continual movement of the wheel to ensure the wind and swell does not alter our course too much. In the dark without moon showing through the clouds it means number chasing on the instruments. As soon as day comes or moon comes out from behind the clouds all seems so much easier. With present conditions we expect this to carry on for at least another 12 hours unless we get a break and wind backs earlier than predicted. We have also been busy putting reefs in and out with 3 in overnight plus a few gybes.
During this time we have had a chaffed jib sheet to be sorted, end for end. One wipeout and I was under water on the leeward side until came up ensuring I still had the wheel in hand. Not sure wholly why this happened but a large breaking wave when off course probably the culprit. That was the beginning of the watch so had to do it soaked, all dry clothes now except boots that filled with water too. During this lost a rope bag on the rail, tore the dodger, dislodged the Dan buoy and life ring light.
The 24 hours from 2120 on 2nd November to same time 3rd recorded 206 nm over the ground and through water 237 nm. I do not expect to better daily mileages. John was also on the helm when he saw boat speed show over 20 knots, trip log shows did 23.8 knots through the water and 20.8 SOG.
Tonight I expect we shall be doing our own dinners a can of something, maybe heated and can of fruit.
So far (touch wood) we have a dry boat, at least from the water tanks. When calmer will check for toe rail leak in forward compartment that more sealing was done on our last stop.