Rodney Bay - Day 9

Donald Macdonald
Sun 20 Dec 2020 18:14
The pontoon prize giving was fun. Each boat was given some light finger food with sauces and cake including Danish pastries. Oh and a bottle of rum punch, 2 small bottles of rum with Coca-Cola, not bad at all. Rainmaker got our prize for 2nd in the race division and one for being double-handed. When picking up the 2nd it was said we were the only boat to finish in the rain living up to our name. Later in the evening we met the photographer and he said at one stage when we finished the rainbow went right over the boat, unfortunately he did not have a wide angle lens to get this.
Whilst talking with the crew of Escapado we found out they were getting our blogs sent to them at sea so they always knew how we were doing. In one I implied the spinnaker would not be flown that night and so the skipper told the crew so they thought they could take theirs down, 'no' she said we go flat out opening the gap, which did not happen as we never took ours down. One of the crew said his mum found the blogs funny and to pass on if he saw me that she enjoyed them.
Today we have had a lot of rain and filled the dinghy up a little, which has stayed inflated. For a reason unknown our domestic batteries were down at 50% charge this morning so all electrics switched off to get them charged up which is not being very successful with all the clouds. If we don't get to 90+% I will have to run the engine for a couple of hours as with the fridge off the beers are getting warm.
Tomorrow we plan to leave for an anchorage so did some grocery and beer shopping this morning. Oh its raining again.