Union Island - Chatham Bay

Donald Macdonald
Sun 28 Feb 2021 19:28
Position 12.36.243N 61.26.920W
This morning woke up to more wind so decided to go around to leeward side of Island. Raised anchor at 0930 and slowly motored around to Chatham Bay. It was pretty breezy and on the corner the wind dropped to 10 knots, excellent. That was here in the anchorage in the bay very wind, whilst doing the recce of where to anchor had one gust of 28 knots. We have dropped anchor in 4m of water and are regularly being blasted by the wind, we are also swinging a lot. With the swinging the snubber line when gone slack is catching on the anchor locker drain cover, both sides which is also chaffing the rope rapidly. After a few ideas have finally found a solution that is working, some good old bungee with some closed hooks. Have put the bowsprit in place and secure bungee to the shackle on it and that keeps the snubber rope above the drains and forward enough not to have hooks embedding themselves in the bow of the boat.
With all this wind again unable to launch dinghy but the little restaurant shack on the beach will come and get us about 1700 so we can have some beers and food shore which is only a 100m away.
A little more cleaning (T-cut) of decks done. John has been for a swim to check the anchor and cool down. Now we have moved his phone is now working. Again we have turtles swimming in the bay here.