Union Island - Clifton Harbour

Donald Macdonald
Thu 25 Feb 2021 20:18
Position 12.35.809N 61.24.868W
Good sail down in sunshine all the way. Total change from yesterday when mostly rained. Left Young Island Cut at 0915 and went south. As soon as we cleared the Island had wind 25-30 knots until the last hour or so when dropped to 20-25 knots. As we left the dinghy inflated on the foredeck sailed down with just the main and 1 reef. Boat speed normally above 9 knots with the wind most of the time aft of the beam by 20-30 degrees. The were big rollers going down the leeward side of Bequia so lots of steering to keep on an even keel and get some surfs in. After the island the wave never as big and very pleasant just the odd one broke over the side to get us wet.
We were going to anchor here in Clifton Harbour but did not because lots of mooring buoys laid so not sure if we would catch them and the area where a lot clearer of buoys a lot shallower and marginal whether I could stay there safely. Although the water is flat here the wind is still 20-25 knots and with the reefs all around cannot afford to drag the anchor so went for the safer option today. We had moored by 1500 and did almost 40 nm SOG.
Looking ashore there does not appear to be much open. We shall launch the dinghy and check the place out. We do need the supermarket to be open to get supplies in to eat on boat when up at Tobago Cays.