Bequia to Antigua Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Sun 11 Apr 2021 21:16
Position 15.54.544N 61.48.054W
Sailing well, in fact too well as getting ahead of plan to arrive in daylight Monday morning. Presently have 63 nm to do and 13 hours before would like to arrive. We are heading in quite close to Guadeloupe to get a wind shadow to slow down and some flat water to main does not bounce around. The wind for the most part has been 17-20 knots varying between 050 and 090 degrees. So far Harold has done all the steering and not too bad either.
Battery usage being closely monitored as not using the methanol fuel cell for this trip or the one up to Bermuda as do not have enough fuel left. On trip across Atlantic this came on every night to help charge the batteries but does not have enough oomph to keep ahead of usage. The little deficit is easy for the solar panel to make up and supply day time power. Last night ran the batteries down to 12.3v which is 50% capacity used of the 200Ah (Amp Hours). So far today the solar panel has generated 2320 watts which is about 196Ah so appears I will be short as needs slightly more during the day as fridge is on, so probably this evening and will need to run the engine for generator charging. It will help being in flat water so a second reason to go in to Guadeloupe.
Today the water looks a lot cleaner. Al the ash from the volcano left a horrible scum on the sea. The boat still feels gritty down in the cabin and the cockpit. Foredeck and gunwales getting a good wash from the sea. Will need to clean sails and mast when at anchor. At least a job to do in quarantine.
Dinner tonight will be Irish stew followed by pears in juice.