Back to the UK - Atlantic Ocean - Day 1

Donald Macdonald
Sun 2 May 2021 20:20
Position 18.46.7N 61.05.0W
We left the St John's Customs & Immigration dock at 1930 (1530L). All times during crossing will be in UTC as that is the ships time now.
Full main and jib up. We hand steered to start as we had to navigate through the reef north of Antigua. Once that was done Harold has been working non-stop. The wind is from the NE where we want to go so beating in the 8-12 knots of breeze which means our progress is a little slow only 4 to 5 knots over the ground. Last 24 hours just covered 115nm.
Couple of minor faults already. A little bit of movement seen in the steering cables, which have been tightened. The galley sink is not draining properly have not investigated yet, will wait until we are more level unless total blockage.
Last night's dinner Heinz Chicken vegetable soup, fresh roll and then pineapple rings in juice.
Tonight plan to have Fraye Bentos meatballs in sauce with carrots and peas, fresh roll then sliced apricots in juice.