Marigot Bay - Day 3

Donald Macdonald
Wed 23 Dec 2020 20:26
This morning went ashore and walked up the hill to a small shop, not much in it really. On the way did pass a bakery smelt very nice so did purchase some fresh bread. The view over the bay is great, must go back with my camera.
Last night and initially this morning the engine on dinghy started properly. On return from shop did not want to start now not sure what it is but do still suspect something in the carburetor. I do not have the tools to remove and clean the tiny jets if they are the faulty items. When running seemed fine after yesterdays maintenance. Do not really want to take it to bits again as having to use the same seals/gaskets not ideal really.
One of the restaurants in the bay is opening tomorrow and they have brought us the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day  menus. No turkey but can have Caribbean beef stew or coconut curry chicken - traditional west Indian curry to name a couple. Last night we did find the marina restaurant, expensive but nice.
A couple more ARC boats turned up today.