Back in Rodney Bay - Day 10

Donald Macdonald
Sat 9 Jan 2021 20:58
Another very wet day here in Saint Lucia. At least it is warm rain and dries very quickly.
Today heard some water gurgling and decided to look in the bilge under the sink where we have had lots of water from the water tanks leaking. There was a lot of water in there again today and it was dried out when we got in from our last sail over a week ago. Dried it out again and investigated further. The leak has come from the hot water tank over pressure relief valve. As soon as I pressurised the system it started to leak, or put a small jet of water out. The system fully de-pressurised and the relief valve exercised System repressurrised no leak. If you remember the pressure cut off switch has been overridden due to failure and we have to switch off when think enough pressure in system. The over pressurising may be coming about as we use the drinking water faucet most for filling kettle and cold drinks which is quite a slow fill and when pressure higher comes out faster. We will have to learn to be patient as the water comes out most adequately from main taps with quick clip of pump. New SOP to fill kettle from main tap, that mean the water only been through one filter and will fill quickly as we are busy people and cannot afford to waste time doing housewives work.
Dinghy emptied of water too as well as heads shower drain as we leave window there open to stop smell build up although not being used as in a marina presently.