Back in Rodney Bay - Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Fri 1 Jan 2021 19:47
New Year celebrations out here very low key, only saw a few fireworks and bar we were in closed at 23.00. Before hand the restaurants were all busy and people dressed up, unable to work out if they all had somewhere else to go.
Rained hard during the night but we do have nice sunshine to rest in now.
Today was cabin cleaning day so all looks livable again. Main engine checked over no problems noted, no fuel leaks either.
On yesterdays trip up with autopilot on and sat behind the wheel unusually for me noticed, with the way the light was shining an extra wide black bit. Further investigation identified that where the wheel spindle goes through the pedestal supported by the 1st needle bearing the whole was elongated by approximately 1/16th inch. I do not think there are any simple fixes/bodges to this only proper fixes. This would entail enlarging the hole pet a spacer shim in the the needle bearing in that, there is no obvious engineering facility here to do that plus I would need to get a rebuild kit from Edson in the US. A query has gone in to Edson and they may surprise me with an interim bodge or relatively simple fix.
Barbados came back with confirmation of the event, will get information for Covid protocols and getting a CSA (Caribbean Sailing Association) measurement in due course.