Petit Saint Vincent (PSV) then Clifton Union Island

Donald Macdonald
Fri 19 Mar 2021 20:19
Position  12.35.792N 61.24.838W
Left Frigate Island at 0920 for Petit St Vincent (PSV). Arrived 1130 and anchored for lunch in very large bit of sand in 4M. The water was clear and turquoise, beautiful. The Island has an up-market hotel. The beach bar you are not allowed to visit in swimwear and after 1800, no shorts allowed. Did a little more hull cleaning and a snorkel. Whilst on the snorkel saw a turtle coming up for air so just floated there and watched it came within 2M of me, just wish I had my camera with me.
Pulled up anchor at 1410 and motored the 3 miles to Clifton, Union Island with a slight detour to view Palm Island, another exclusive holiday resort. Also whilst navigating our way out of the reefs saw the small sand bar, with the sun umbrella on and a few people enjoying a beer or even Rum Punch. Picked up a buoy in Clifton, 1540.