Antigua - Deep Bay Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Fri 16 Apr 2021 18:00
Stayed onboard overnight last night so had a bottle of Rum Punch, (only 1 left) and also a small bottle of rum with coke.
The water is very murky with the sand so swimming over the wreck at the entrance was not brilliant. I lied yesterday about when it sank it was 1905 because its cargo had caught alight and were not allowed to dock so came to bay to see if could sort. Failed because when cargo holds opened new air made it really get going and did not take long the burn the wood on the metal frame.
Also swam ashore to look around and look at loud shirts on sale.
This morning went partly up the mast to re-secure deck light fitting, whilst doing that noticed the starboard inner lower shroud had a broken strand right at the swaged fitting. This will need replacing, just hope can find somewhere with the same size fittings as only the one planned to be done. From the local sailing guide I can only see 2 rigging businesses on the island at Falmouth Harbour The rigging is just 3 years old so a bit of a surprise finding the fault.