Back to the UK - Atlantic Ocean - Day 6

Donald Macdonald
Fri 7 May 2021 19:26
Position 24.41.4N 54.20.5W
No traffic avoidance required last 24 hours. Better speed had over night than day during last 72 hours. Got a lift as forecast and presently aiming at the Azores, if forecast correct another 24 hours of this. This morning just after dawn lots of rain squalls around and none on us. It would have been nice to get the salt washed off the boat and wet sponge so instrument displays could be cleaned.
The standalone GPS receiver froze just over a day ago so had to force other systems to get data from Zeus chart plotter. Today reset the receiver without rebooting whole system and is now functioning again.
Aft area which STILL LEAKS dried out and hatch seals cleaned and a smear silicon added. The rudder post more white grease applied to joint of post and seal as looked like more required to stop a small gap I could see.
Dinner tonight will be Chorizo Sausage in beans followed by peach slices and the cupboard will be bare and need the next weeks rations broken out. Last night we had cheese with the soup, it was from the stores we got last October, Cathedral cheddar in a sealed packaging, no signs of mould and we are both not sick today. We have one other pack left so could last 2 weeks with selected meals.