Rodney Bay Day 6

Donald Macdonald
Thu 17 Dec 2020 17:44
Today did went up mast for a check. All good until got to truck, top plate of mast and the stainless extra plate to fit spinnaker halyard blocks. The port side has a downward bend in it both truck and extra plate, starboard still perfectly straight. I think this may have happened on the 1st night when the shackle broke for the Code 0 and there would have been a shock load on the pulley and block. Did a close inspection for cracks or any other deformities, none found. Do not plan to do any replacements there as this is the side that flew the pink spinnaker for 6 days.
Collected repaired sails. Repairs look good, just need to furl the Code 0. Will be done when no find to ensure we do not let some of it get wet. When doing that shall also redo the furling line block and elastic that broke post shackle.
Mounting plate installed for outboard engine. I did have to rummage around in the garbage to find a suitable pole to attach to bottom of plate to ensure stays upright with engine mounted. A little bit of cutting and filing of wood pole and some plastic tubing wood now inside tube and secured in plate.