Bequia - Admiralty Bay - Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Mon 29 Mar 2021 18:14
New bolt put in boarding ladder, fully serviceable again. Dinghy pumped up solid. Repaired pump still working. Batteries low on power today and no sunshine, not brilliant. Will men that computers will not be charged today and fridge switched off.
Trip ashore this morning not 100% successful as unable to check in with the hospital as large queues outside, will go back later to check about getting PCR test done. Laundry closed today (Monday) so unable to check on pricing. Investigated Data SIM card appears the ones here in St Vincent and Grenadines do not transfer to Antigua without roaming charges. The 2 networks here Flow and Digicel work across the 3 Islands (St Lucia, Grenada & SVG) down here without roaming. We could be without any sensibly priced communication when in quarantine in Antigua as will not be able to go ashore to get a local SIM. John got his SIM in Grenada and he thinks it will work as they told him will do in any Eastern Caribbean Dollar country.