Marigot Bay

Donald Macdonald
Mon 21 Dec 2020 19:37
This morning put the boat into sailing configuration, all the sunshades taken down, bimini packed away, bikes folded and stored. Galley secured. Dinghy put on foredeck. Left the dock at 11a.m. In the bay hoisted mainsail and bore away on to a deep reach. We had up to 25 knots true wind and at times boat speed of 10 knots. The leg was only 9 miles so did not take long to get here. We have opted to go on a marina buoy so we are able to use the hotel facilities.
Boat back in not going anywhere mode until Boxing Day. The Code 0 has eventually been furled as we were head to wind. 4 weeks today since we damaged it.
Went ashore to book in with marina in dinghy. On return we could not get the engine to start. I am hoping operator error in that I left the fuel on and it is flooded, leaving it a while before try again post fuel switched off. We had to paddle back, lucky I put the oars in.
Even on this short trip here we had a flying fish take a ride with us, only seen once on the buoy.