Rodney Bay - Day 4

Donald Macdonald
Tue 15 Dec 2020 18:07
Minor maintenance tasks carried out. Drinking water faucet leaking, pulled it out cleaned corrosion and can see a little fitting all rusted, unable to replace. Faucet refitted and not leaked yet, now hope will last for rest of trip. Finished antichafe outer on the baby stay.
Sunshade put up over cabin and hopefully will feel a little cooler at least we will not get any direct sunlight heat.
Had a wonder out of the marina up the hill to the Sparkle Laundry with our washing, will get it back in the morning as no hurry.
Emma Hartley get on with your work no more extensions and remember for every 15 degrees of longitude change is normally an hour difference on your watch.
Today John has been reviewing some GoPro footage of crossing to edit so can be put on YouTube.
Today we should be able to eat in restaurants as rules relaxed.