ARC - Day 3

Donald Macdonald
Wed 25 Nov 2020 15:38
Position  26.08N  22.40W
 Yesterday afternoon engage the services of Harold, he did well for about 5 hours then it was time to take over again. Last night just about as got dark took spinnaker down. Could have carried it another couple of hours but would have probably had problems getting it down as when the wind increased it was quickly and also that hand steering by then would have been difficult getting the sleeping crew up. Good early decision we think.
The wind built during the night and now we are steering 270, with full main and jib with wind 110 apparent. True wind staying in the 18-23 knots with gust upto 27. Regularly surfing at 11-12 knots with a little over 15 knots.
For the time being staying on 1 hour sleeps at a time, it does mean helming stint normally 1 hours 20 minutes with other jobs that require doing such as writing blogs, weather updates, cooking, boat tidying and inspections.
More sightings overnight of migrant boats we could hear over the VHF, nothing during the day. Only one yacht we can see on AIS that is racing, visually only see water and waves.
Dinner this evening maybe meatballs in sauce if not too rolly to spill, with vegetables, baguette followed by pineapple rings in juice.