Antigua - Mamora Bay

Donald Macdonald
Fri 23 Apr 2021 18:11
Position 17.00.615N 61.44.145W
Departed English Harbour at 0910hrs for a short sail to Mamora Bay home of St James's Club. Apparently if you more up on the jetty you can get room service. No we have not we have anchored off the beach in 4 meters of water.
The idea of coming here was to clean the hull ready for trip home. My bad choice visibility in the water is terrible, you cannot see to the bottom of the rudder or keel. With head next to boat you can just make out where the keel is. I have spent an hour rubbing the bottom and this bad visibility mucks up ones orientation too. I have come out the wrong side of the boat, gone down instead of up plus very difficult to work out where you need to rub next when under the middle of the boat. John is going to do the other half tomorrow. We will find another clearer place to do the final rub where it will be easy to see the slime stuff for a rub before we go into Jolly Harbour to do the long list of other jobs before embarking on the return journey.
The club seems very empty with tourists, we will check later if we can afford to eat and drink ashore otherwise it will be boat cuisine.