Canouan - Grand Bay - Day 3

Donald Macdonald
Tue 9 Mar 2021 20:33
Yes we did. That is get food and beer ashore last night.
Another sunny day after rain over night. Today has been a lot of investigating where we can go next after SVG, not too many options with some of the extremely long quarantine times before entering. We are likely to extend our time in SVG, cruising permit runs out 17 March. Our passport visa valid till September.
We had a little wobble as planned to head Mustique tomorrow, had put in request yesterday and given OK to come then an email not seen till this morning said we needed a negative PCR test. When entering the SVG we never got the forms so an email to arrivals to see if they could be sent, which they did. In the meantime in contact with Mustique about recency of the test. It has come together and the SVG PCR test has been accepted so off to Mustique for 3 nights tomorrow, that is all you are allowed to do I believe.
This afternoon filled fuel tank from the 20 litre jerry can onboard, the 1st top-up since November, the gauge still said had 68% in the tank. It was a long dinghy trip, 1 mile down the beach to where the station is to refill. Boat took most of next jerry can so did another trip to fuel station to ensure we keep a full can diesel onboard. Also took the opportunity to fill petrol 5 litre jerry can for the dinghy.  Later did a run ashore to stock the pantry up.