Grenada - Clarke's Court Marina Day 16

Donald Macdonald
Wed 10 Feb 2021 22:28
Pedestal got back late this afternoon with bearing removed. It was done hydraulically as in a closed end tube. The bearing hole filled full of grease and the shaft that bearing runs on is forced in there and the grease gets behind the bearing with lots of force and it comes out. I was more interested why it was stuck in there. Reason some super glue that secured the blind bush in place got on the bearing.
Spent a few hours this afternoon assembling the pedestal in the regular rain showers. Pedestal back in place the shaft with new bearings, washers, securing pins. Had a few problems getting the wheel brake back together as one of the screws we are unable to remove on the retaining plate.
Put the cigar lighter socket in pedestal so we have USB power for the tablet.
Outstanding on the installation is, the set up/rigging of the cables for the steering, lubricate bearings and chain, installing the wheel, connect up plotter, sort out the wonky pedestal guard (put straight).