Azores to Poole

Donald Macdonald
Thu 27 May 2021 17:43
Position 38.02.4N 26.06.3W
Left the marina at 1145 having cleared customs and immigration. Hoisted sails whilst still in the port and went west. Having cleared the Island are now beating on a course around 315 degrees, direct route back to Bar Buoy 045. Not expecting the wind to last past 2100 then will have the very light stuff for up to 48 hours. 1275nm to go.
It is feeling a little cooler today post the rain yesterday, expecting it to be a bit warmer tomorrow.
Autopilot is working in wind mode, not as good as it once was but doing fine presently and hope it continues to do so for the whole way back.
Dinner this evening will be Big Soup, beef and vegetables with fresh baguette (hope they are still OK) then peach slices.