Soufriere Bay - Day 4

Donald Macdonald
Wed 30 Dec 2020 18:05
Another exhausting day reading and relaxing. Did go up the mast to the deck light fitting to put new lamp in. It was too long. It is supposed to be an MR16 which I thought would standardise all dimensions, obviously not. Did look longer than lost one though. Will keep an eye out for another MR16 12v dc LED unit although would use a halogen one if available.
We may have left here today but zero wind forecast, tomorrow looks better although from the north so will be  beat back up, probably to Rodney Bay.
Barbados Cruising Club contacted me yesterday about their sailing event. The Mount Gay Round Barbados Race has been cancelled because some of the big boats were not able to come. They are still planning to put on a smaller event 21st - 24th January. They plan to talk to me again this evening after a meeting about the event and also the quarantine regulations to follow. It appears the Island has done quite well and no draconian restrictions yet although it appears some Americans have been flouting what there is.
We hear Tier 4, what ever that is?!