Las Palmas - COVID test lock down

Donald Macdonald
Wed 18 Nov 2020 15:28
Today we had a PCR test and are now quarantined on the boat until results tomorrow about midday.
We planned to work out the boom gybe preventer routing and putting loops in the end of the ropes. One piece permanently attached to the boom so can always reach it when it is out downwind then attach another one so that it runs to the bow and back to the cockpit. The bow line loop spliced in with snap shackle. The rope for boom unable to get loop in as our splice needle not long enough. We have 6 inches the required one is 12 inches (30-35cm). Tried alternative options and not able as rope is braid with 3 strand core, bowlines are going to have to do.
Feet up now and a beer in the sunshine watching container ships being loaded and unloaded.