Antigua - English Harbour - Freeman Bay - Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Thu 22 Apr 2021 19:24
Anchor alarm went off at 0300Hrs, cancelled alarm looked outside we had moved a little. Reset alarm with bigger circle from original drop as not sure where anchor is. Stayed on deck with instruments on for depth as were now 180 degrees from when we set. Ended up monitoring drift till breakfast. We then went for a reset it took 3 attempts, Being that the area is very crowded and we do all swing around more area required than other anchorages.
Went back to rigging shop after that with the trial made up 'T' hook on. Discussed with them options as unlikely to get bit until May sometime they came up with welding. Definitely NO from me as not heard of rigging bodges with welding and I think would be brittle. Bodge is about 30cm of 10mm wire and some cable clamps, 10mm for wire-wire and 12mm for wire to spoon fitting. All done and installed so a none floppy loose lower section now again.
We had more heavy rain last night and early morning and now lovely blue skies. This gives, to me at least, the appearance of proper Caribbean weather.
Lets hope I get a full nights sleep tonight. John checked the anchor twice now and believes it to be good. Suppose it has to go wrong sometimes.