Grenada - Port Louis Marina Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Thu 21 Jan 2021 20:50
Nice having a night not rolling about in ones bunk. The shower block here is very posh with individual shower cubicles including toilet, sink and the shower that has multiple heads to select to wash ones self, also the whole block air conditioned, probably why the rates are a little higher than other places we have been.
Today had a wonder around and found myself downtown St George's a place that is definitely bustling. The place feels less well off than Saint Lucia as did come across a few beggars. At one stage a goat broke away from its tether and followed me down the street and a few times went in front and was obviously a little stressed so followed again, even when I went across the road. I managed to get away from him in a car park by jumping a ditch that he could not. Not sure if some one collected him as he was not in the place he was grazing when I went back.
Been trying to find somewhere that can over size the shaft hole in the pedestal and then put a bush in so the steering will stop clunking. Not much success with call so far but do keep getting someone else to try have an email out with an engineering business as main man not in for a few days and they expect him to reply to emails. Suppose it is hurry up and wait.