Bequia - Admiralty Bay

Donald Macdonald
Sat 13 Mar 2021 20:12
Position 13.00.163N 61.14.5W
This morning cleaned rust marks around anchor locker and access hatch. Then boat prepare for sea.
Dropped the mooring buoy at Mustique at midday and main up 1 reef and the working jib hoisted on short strop to clear dinghy on foredeck. Once out of the wind shadow had 15 knots true wind and first 10 miles was offwind so very pleasant fast sail to the corner of Bequia having taken a shorter route inside Pigeon Island. Once at Bequia had to harden up for a beat and in flat water so was a very pleasant change. Had a look around Admiralty bay for a place to anchor. Best place Princess Margret Beach area, a lot of other cruisers here which was a surprise as we have not seen many others for weeks. A little out of town but does look a pleasant stroll in once we have dinghied across the shallows at Princess Point to some hotel jetties. Today's jaunt was 15.3NM and 3 hours of pleasant sailing.
Next job pump up front half of dinghy, as must have a small leak then put in the water for a trip ashore.