Las Palmas - Skippers Briefing; last minute jobs

Donald Macdonald
Sat 21 Nov 2020 15:02
Less than 24 hours to the start and nerves are beginning to be felt, have I done everything, can I navigate and so on.
Earlier today we had a briefing, more just going through the Sailing Instructions. This was followed by Chris Tibbs (RYA Weather Book man) gave an in depth review of what we can expect or the start and an idea up to Thursday with ideas for route options and why.
Replacement gas bottle and some string to retain water containers on deck, both water tanks filled to brimming without and leaks noted. Food stores replenished in working area so we have next 7 days meals, snacks, biscuits, sweets, cans and breakfast easily accessible.
Today I did my laundry and gave myself a haircut. John is planning not to trust anyone with his hair so will come back a new age man or a hippy.
Yellow brick tracking is already live for the event. The start and finish will have a high refresh rate so progress can be monitored. Once out at sea updated positions every 4 hours.
Tonight off for steak as a last supper.