San Miguel - Ponta Delgada Day 3 & 4

Donald Macdonald
Sun 23 May 2021 15:52
Early evening on the Friday given the all clear from the test and moved around to main marina. Then had shower and shave, we then went out to find a bar and food just after 9pm.
Up next morning (Saturday) at 0700, felt a little chilly especially when the sun was not shining. After breakfast day started with deposing of all the rubbish.
As it was late for our release from quarantine we did not stop at the fuel dock to fuel up so have put the jerry can 20 litres in and will go to the local fuel station, Sunday morning job, maybe about half mile a way, and fill it then see how much more will go in tank then recalibrate the 100% setting. May need another wonder to station to have a full jerry can as emergency fuel. UPDATE: Only 3-4 litres required to fill tank so accept jerry can with 16-17 litres emergency. Tank calibrated to 100% although is fluctuating down to 96%, perhaps not a perfectly functioning level sensor.
The steering pedestal has been serviced, silicon grease in the bearings and normal type grease on the chain and sprocket. The retaining pin through the sprocket had some slight movement so out came the trusty hammer and drift to knock in more securely. With that done the slight backlash was feeling no longer apparent.
Saturday afternoon the US Coast Guard a 3 mast ship, Eagle came in, must be at least 50 sailors onboard and it was flying a very impressive size USA flag, probably big enough to wrap Rainmaker up. Definitely an American over statement. Today standard small ensign flying.
Also on that dock is a new modern looking vessel the Ocean Explorer 1, the shapes and curves one could be mistaken to think it is some multi-millionaire private yacht. It does look functional for exploring with the cranes and equipment we can see around the aft deck. On the foredeck is a helicopter landing area and I think a hangar to keep it in.