Tobago Cays - Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Wed 3 Mar 2021 18:44
The Ray that John saw yesterday was the standard Sting Ray. When we went ashore to where the BBQ's are there were some Rays swimming along the shore line, you can see their wings come up above the water, when you only see one does look like a small shark. These are Eagle Rays and are spotted. Today had some turtles swimming around the boat, we should go over to the Turtle protected area as there maybe more there. Still a little windy at times but we can lunch the dinghy and will try to get over the reef to where some of Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed, Petit Tabac.
Yesterday there were just 15 boats here and today dropped down to 8 for a while and just 3 days ago there was only one here and normally over a hundred are on buoys and anchored and you may have to keep going around until somebody leaves, so we have the best of it although not good for the boat boys.
Ashore last night had some lovely Rum Punch 1st since we ran out of our supplies and will not be able to get any more. Will have to go ashore again this evening.