Canouan - Grand Bay - 2nd Time

Donald Macdonald
Wed 24 Mar 2021 17:43
Position 12.42.298N 61.19.714W
Last night lifted the dinghy to put back in the sea and dislocated by right thumb, it did go straight back in. It has not swollen up and is has a little discomfort. Today pushed a bean bag through the hatch and bent the thumb back a bit and in pain again. Fancy forgetting, now there is a dull thud in it so harder to for get to be careful.
Left the Cays 0910 and a short motor to Canouan, Grand Bay again. We have topped the diesel up here as all fairly convenient to get to fuel station in the dinghy. We shall look at getting water here as we have been on the 2nd tank for 10 days now and still have the 4, 25ltr water cans that were filled in Gran Canarias last November. Water we believe is 15cents a gallon and will need at least 22 gallons which will be just over 3 EC$ (less than £1) so a bargain. Canouan considered good place to get water as nearly all of it is from desalination so not stored for a long time.