Azores to Poole - Day 4

Donald Macdonald
Sun 30 May 2021 15:23
Position 42.43.9N 22.30.2W
Another good day on mileage over the ground 146nm. Wind been at 10-13 knots most of the time. Later this evening expecting things to get lighter for a few hours then come in with 15-18 knots of breeze from the west.
Starboard Race Display was easy fix just a disconnect and reconnect and been working fine since. Changing settings on Harold has not made any noticeable differences to it holding a tighter course.
The other night we saw a rainbow caused by the moon, could not discern the colours, the arch was obvious. 1st time we have seen one of these.
We must be going through the playground of dolphins as they are regularly around us in different amounts with some groups more playful with all the jumping out of the water.
Dinner tonight will be chicken in white sauce, peas, carrots, warm baguette followed by pineapple rings in juice.