Las Palmas - Yellow Brick pick up

Donald Macdonald
Mon 16 Nov 2020 13:46
Today picked up yellow brick tracker and fitted to transom. For us it is fit and forget as all controlled by ARC team for how regular position updates are sent.
Managed to get hold of Yanmar dealer today and think seals will be delivered here later today or tomorrow. Although not high requirement as after the couple of hour calibration etc yesterday all joints were dry so do not plan to disturb them unnecessarily.
Boats around us are getting safety checks and from our boat watching some did not go too well with one boat suggested to take a picture of the list of findings. Does look like a brand new Lagoon 46 so probably expected as we feel is going to Caribbean for the charter market.
Wednesday we are booked in for our Covid test then required to not levee boat until results back.
Soon we are off the the Surf bar which has good wifi so we can watch/participate in some seminars. Doublehanded across the Atlantic, Emergencies at sea and Atlantic stars.