Arrival Figueira da Foz

Donald Macdonald
Sun 25 Oct 2020 14:13
Arrived Figueira da Foz 1800 yesterday after a 312nm passage taking 48 hours. The final 60 miles a beat in 2m waves and wind F5-6, not as forecast. Sailing with 2 reefs and the working jib was more efficient by hand than Harold. When able to steer properly able to get 6.5 knots regularly and more efficient when wind up to 25+knots at 27 degrees apparent wind, a revelation to me. Did see how Harold would cope at this angle not very good as when over compensated was up at 22-24 degrees speed would rapidly drop to 4 knots.
As we approached the entrance the swell was getting bigger and on a beam reach. Dropped the main before entering the entrance and went in on jib alone. We still were doing 8-10 knots at times and waves trying to knock us off course. Once inside breakwaters sea was flat. At the entrance there were 2 Lasers out surfing in on the waves, far better than Hook Sands. They looked like old guys.
Made it into the marina just before office closing otherwise we would have been stuck onboard as no fob to get in or out or even use the showers. A very nice meal and beer had at the restaurant just outside the marina entrance.
Today weather like the UK rain and sunshine and even on the same time zone. Some maintenance already completed:
  •     2 small leaks fitting removed cleaned and resealed
  •     Steering clunking found some minor wear in the pedestal head and the wheel not a perfectly snug fit on key and shaft. Clunking will continue but not thought to be a problem to worry about.
  • Various loose fitting on bimini and spray hood tightened.
  • Lower mast instrument erratic in operation connector dried and sealed
  • bilges dried
  • water leak under side seats still present and still under investigation as to the source
Other maintenance tomorrow when guaranteed no rain as a couple items require a mast climb.
Not sure when we will leave for next segment of journey as still big swell 5+m still forecasted and we think entrance to this harbour will be closed tomorrow.
As Sunday and we have been busy we are off to find a bar with a view.