Grenada - Prickly Bay Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Mon 25 Jan 2021 18:29
Took dinghy ashore for a walk to the lighthouse, which is really someone's house, no warning lights in it. Looks a great place to have your office, not sure you would get any work done though. After watching the waves crash into the cliffs for a while did an about turn and went the long way to the boat yard up the finger of the bay behind us. Nothing much there but a lot of boats ashore. The marina appears to be building a new restaurant with brilliant view and dinghy dock so easy to get to.
On the way back went into the West Indies Brewing Co., bar for a drink. Beer was glorious they had about 20 different ales all proper stuff unlike the lager swill we have been having to drink. Lovely few pints and some food. A proper Sunday afternoon in the sun.