Bequia - Admiralty Bay - Day 9

Donald Macdonald
Mon 5 Apr 2021 19:45
No sailing today. Boo!!
Our anchor did not appear to  be set very well as today's inspection showed a long shallow groove in the sand and rock. The anchor was on its side with most of it showing. We have now moved back a little and 100 meters or so nearer the beach. Anchor dropped in the sand, inspection had it on its side. I tried to get down to it a couple of times only managing to touch it on the 2nd. It is in 5 meters of water. John then with flippers on got down to it and put it the right way. He monitored when put boat in reverse now fully buried so should be OK till we leave.
Further readings of the house battery bank this morning when battery monitor had them at 12.1vdc, which means 50+% depleted. Checked the batteries with voltmeter and got a reading of 12.75vdc which means not far off 100%. Estimated use from fridge overnight is approximately 5% so consider voltmeter correct. Shall continue to monitor the readings from the various devices to see that all is consistent. The trip to Antigua will give best indication of the state as far more power will be used whilst sailing overnight without solar charging.