Marigot Bay -Day 6

Donald Macdonald
Sat 26 Dec 2020 19:53
Another relaxing day in the sun. Some domestic cleaning carried out and rubbish disposed of ashore. Delayed going to Soufriere until tomorrow. Last night it rained for a few hours and the dinghy required a few gallons of water to be mopped out and pumping up the tubes.
Dinghy engine almost behaving itself. So far we have found if you turn the fuel off about a minute before getting to our destination then switch off the engine will start when we gat back to it. Not sure if that is why we are getting to row less, but until it fails us we shall use it as a work around until I can get a gasket kit for carburetor and take it apart again try and gain access to all jets to see if can get some cleaner down them. For those thinking about the problem the fuel is all new bought a week ago and no damage seen on any seals or gaskets, no diaphragm in this init. The float was cleaned and checked to be operating smoothly. With our switching off fuel starting to think this may be sticking but looked good to me.
No turkey for Christmas dinner. John had a Caribbean coconut curry and I had Texas style baby ribs. Xmas music was being played.