Marigot Bay - Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Tue 22 Dec 2020 18:25
The 2.5 HP Yamaha engine continued to play up. After yesterdays blog did start the engine without a problem so considered it user error. Last night went out to have  beer and food and to our surprise everything is closed. We did find Doolittle's but takeaway only because the are a quarantine hotel, we gave it a miss. During this runabout the engine started spluttering and conked out. Did start again and ran at full throttle out of gear for a while. When at Doolittle's cut out and unable to start again. It was a long row back to the yacht. Once dinghy and engine onboard for safety had a bottle of Rum Punch then pasta for dinner.
Whilst getting dinghy onboard John could feel mosquitoes and saw one below so the net curtains went in to action and the couple of small windows which nothing made taped the net across them.
This morning put dinghy back in the water and engine would not start. Did normal things of checking spark at plug and fuel there. Brought engine back on deck and decided to remove the carburetor and clean it. There was a little bit of muck in it but nothing obviously wrong but did take it to bits and clean, dry and blow through the various orifices and put back together. Whilst engine in bits fixed fuel leak from the on/off tap. Refueled the engine and started 1st time. Have used it a couple of times without a problem but not convinced all is fixed as did not identify anything in particular at fault.
This afternoon have found a place we can eat this evening, we think. Another bar/restaurant that is closed we have been told should be open tomorrow, as this is the Caribbean not convinced.
A few other ARC boats here and are also disappointed by the lack of facilities open.