La Coruna Stop - Day 2

Donald Macdonald
Tue 20 Oct 2020 16:24
Weather outlook for departure looks best presently for Sunday when we are able to reach or run, before that looks like perfect southerlies so a couple hundred miles beating which we have decided to avoid if options available.
Miles of walking today to try and get spares required for fixes without too much luck.
Thin nylon/plastic 12mm washers for the autopilot mounting pivot proving a real problem only ones found to date are metal or rubber and too thick to fit in space available. We have more places to visit tomorrow which hopefully give us some success.
New fine fuel filter assembly has been obtained. No plan to replace it until we need to bleed system as all working now and could introduce a fuel leak at one of the 3 fuel unions we will have to disturb.
Cockpit locker have rerouted some rubber seal and added rubber tube to locker lid to stop water being forced in the locker when waves wash along the deck.
Now we are off to the bar to work out where we are going to eat.