Back to the UK - Atlantic Ocean - Day 15

Donald Macdonald
Sun 16 May 2021 20:06
Position 34.37.7N 36.28.0W
Moving along quite nicely the last 24 hours under white sails, wind 17-20 knots. This morning getting 23-26 knots and Harold having a hard time so put in a reef which made things a little easier and still regularly above 7 knots SOG normally 8-9 through the water. Wind dropped back this afternoon to 16-20 so reef removed. 193 nm nearer destination having done 196 nm over the ground.
The inclinometer, the one with high and low resolution scales has been failing the last few days on the high resolution, up to 5 degrees angle. The water or other fluid has been leaking out the tube into the assembly, low resolution still OK. This fluid coming out has also made the fluid very yellow. No spares onboard but not high importance.
We can tell we are getting nearer Europe as the air overnight and in the morning is very humid and when the sun gets low feels quite chilly. The humidity is also felt in the boat with clothes, books feeling damp.
Tonight our delights will be Heinz Beef Vegetable soup followed by mandarin segments in juice.