Canouan - Grand Bay - 2nd Time - Day 4

Donald Macdonald
Sat 27 Mar 2021 18:25
Just boring stuff today. Dinghy pumped up as front section and seat tube had lost some pressure, also water sponged out of it from a wave last night launching it and heavy rain over night.
For me need to look at getting local data SIM as Vodafone enforcing fair usage on me for my Roaming data and calls. One is only supposed to use it for short trips and holidays and have a 4 month limit. In 9 days I pay full price for everything. If I had known about this I could have managed it to keep it current for the time away. Never mind just deal with it.
Also my credit card had been used fraudulently in the UK so lost that too as unable to get new one out here without an address.
The battery bank seemed a little low this morning for its usage. Investigations will take place when I can get shore power and disconnect the House Batteries to see how they hold voltage when not on load, needs to be done over 24-48 hours. That hopefully will be done in Antigua.