Mustique - Britania Bay

Donald Macdonald
Wed 10 Mar 2021 19:19
Position 12.52.688N 61.11.339W
Raised the anchor at 0945 this morning. Hanked on the heavy weather jib with a 4 foot strop so we could leave the dinghy inflated on the foredeck. Once out of the lee of Canouan Island we had 20 knots from the east an excellent direction a only needed a short tack across, 30 minutes to make Mustique and Britania Bay. The sail was lovely although in places the sea a little confused and difficult to get a rhythm through the waves. We were met by some one from Mustique Moorings Limited to take our lines for a mooring buoy. We did have to move because a tanker ship arrived and anchored offshore and a fuel line was being ferried ashore right next to our mooring buoy. It is expected to be here a few hours.
Basil's Bar is off limits to visitors as there are a lot of people on the Island who have been here most of the pandemic and with no cases during that time they do not want to get infected now. The places we are allowed to go is the Firefly Hotel, that is $$$$$, so out of our league, oh and slightly formal so suspect shorts not allowed. We can go to the village and the pub there with a view over the Bay and that is only $$, our normal level of expense.