Grenada - Clarke's Court Marina

Donald Macdonald
Tue 26 Jan 2021 19:16
Little bit of excitement this morning in that when I went on deck about 10.30 to get boat ready for sea and John was reading his book up there noticed the dinghy no linger on the foredeck. It was there an hour earlier because I had been examining the wear on the base of it. It would have blown to the shire behind but I noticed it was tied to a boat 2 down from us, it was also upside down. Not sure how John missed it taking flight. We waited about 15 minutes for a dinghy to come near us and asked if they would retrieve it from where it was tied up. We got it back and on deck without any drama. Still to examine it for any new damage.
We pulled the anchor up, with the wind blowing I had to motor forward to get chain in and to break the hold that was very secure. The trip around here just under 4nm we motored in to the wind and a fairly big choppy sea, need more revs than normal for me to get 3 knots. Lots of reefs to navigate around which we need to use the tablet as do not have detail chart of area on the plotter. Now at Clarke's Court Marina which is really for haul outs with the large 242 tonne hoist and very large boat parking area which is still 75% full as people have not launched and most still tied down to the hurricane blocks. Tomorrow will do the pedestal removal hopefully too many big problems with items not wanting to come apart and I have enough correct tools for the job.