Back to the UK - Atlantic Ocean - Day 11

Donald Macdonald
Thu 13 May 2021 19:43
Position 31.45.6N 44.47.4W
Better progress but fossil wind required for 6 hours. SOG of 2.2 knots, something wrong. Investigation required emptying lots of forward cabin to access the log impeller. Once we could see in there, the area was wet with green water. It was not green water but a bottle of distilled white vinegar had spilled its contents, paint job in locker gone to pot now. Back to the log pulled it out, looked fine. Spun it and speed indicated. Re-installed all good. Some debris must have got in to it and just pulling it up cleared it.
Last night wind was not as expected and with what wind we had speed made no sense so decided to use the engine up to 10 hours to get the breeze patch was was in the forecast ahead and a little north. Code 0 dropped, engine set to 2000 rpm and expected speed about 5-5.5 knots. Speed we were getting just 4 knots if lucky. Engine to neutral then reverse, it was pitch black so could not see anything. Reversed 1 knot for 100 meters or so then forward at 2000 rpm, speed as expected. Must of had something caught around keel or rudder and that was also reducing speed under sail earlier but being all marginal hard to tell. Ran the engine 6 hours and got into some breeze and for a while going along at 6-7 knots. Unfortunately wind has left us again now and down to 3 knots SOG. When this email goes will request latest weather too.
More whales seen today, smaller ones blowing water up and one seen to do a small leap out.
Dinner Beef vegetable soup followed by mandarin segments.