Union Island - Frigate Island Anchorage

Donald Macdonald
Fri 26 Feb 2021 18:59
Position 12.34.976N 61.26.297W
Last night when recovering the dinghy onto the boat the wind lifted the bow and went vertical in the slings immersing the heavy end in the sea so engine went under for a few seconds (10?). Finished getting dinghy onboard and tied down, too dark to do any maintenance, left to the morning. After breakfast went to see if bad things had happened. Initial investigation under the cover looked OK so decided just to remove the air filter to see if wet or salty, nothing apparent so decided not to do any more investigations. When we went ashore this morning it did start 1st time and appears to be all good. Lucky I think or just look liked got immersed.
Before 1300 left Clifton harbour for a Frigate Island just over a mile straight so motored out and around Frigate in to the anchorage. I was expecting less wind here but still breezy. Motored around the shallows looking for sand to anchor in. Have anchored in 3 meters of water and keep seeing turtles swimming around the boat. John has gone for a swim to check the anchor. When we swing we are fairly close to a catamaran 15m probably so no dragging order of the day.
We plan to be here a couple of days to check the Island and look at the abandon 300 berth marina (abandoned construction in 1999 as company went bankrupt).