Day 1 - Delivery

Donald Macdonald
Fri 16 Oct 2020 10:25
48.55N 4.48W
Rainmaker had a wonderful send off from Parkstone with those on the dock and the 5 hardy Laser sailors Roberta, Andrew, Chris, Colston and Bob who accompanied us right out Bar Buoy. Speedy on Lady Hamilton came out with us but unable to keep once our sails went up. Also a few were at the chain Ferry entrance to wave too. Thank you all we appreciated and John got some video of the Lasers.
The 1st 24 hours the log indicated we have covered 181nm and all not without problems. Due to main shading solar we had to run the engine late afternoon to charge batteries after about 90 minutes engine cut out. Air getting in decided to sort this morning, due fuel over cabin floor early this morning had to carry fix. The bleed screw on top of fine filter let go. Now secured in place with pipe tape on threads and jubilee clip around filter over screw.
Due lack of full charge hand steered all night as rolly seas offwind. Now we are almost beating and autopilot not so heavy on power. We hope to go around Ushant, 35 miles away before dark this evening