Azores to Poole - Day 5

Donald Macdonald
Mon 31 May 2021 17:12
Position 44.18.4N 20.00.0W
Rain, cold , wet, breaking sea so made a decision to return to Caribbean forthwith. See you in the sunshine if you visit us.
Fine rain started early evening and got heavier as evening went on. Then the wind changed direction and dropped to nothing then came from the north at 12-15 knots which we have had since. As from the north have to beat. Sailing presently with 2 reefs to counter regular gusts and Harold steering, for a while did have partly reefed (furled) jib, back out at full.
With the cloud and rain it was particularly dark and the phosphorescence was particularly bright looking as though we had under water lights off our stern with the rudder wake. You could clearly see the path of the dolphins when they came to play and had a far better idea how many were around.
Humidity in the boat is 95% so everything feels wet or damp and not warm sleeping either. Writing in the log book feeling so damp just feels wrong, just hope the computers don't fall foul of the dampness.
John saw a killer whale about 400 meters from the boat today come up twice, went and got his GoPro and never saw it again.
Dinner this evening will be Irish stew, baguette and maybe even some cheese then mandarin segments in juice.