Las Palmas - Safety Inspection day

Donald Macdonald
Wed 11 Nov 2020 17:08
Safety inspection carried out this morning with 2 items found.
    My lifejacket water activated light battery was 2 years out of date ( obviously missed last year for AZAB too).
    2nd item was 3 extra hand flares required. This I tried to blag out of as we are in the race division and have to meet World Sailing Category 1 regulations which does not require these extra 3 in the grab bag as one can count the ships set as would plan to take those if had to abandon to the liferaft. Only bonus of the 3 extra flares is in 2024 when expire will have some extra flares for the November firework party and have been told how to make them into a Catherine Wheel. What fun that will be.
All fixed now and signed off.
Boom gooseneck toggle arrived and installed, a lot less slack/wobble in the boom.
Dobie done today, almost a month after leaving not too bad I think.