ARC - Day 8

Donald Macdonald
Mon 30 Nov 2020 15:19
Position 22.41N  37.17W
Another very frustrating night with squall activity all around reducing our wind strength and direction not helpful as not able to get any speed in direction wanted but always some 30 degrees to it. Pitch black all night with clouds sure we lost miles to others overnight. Spinnaker not up most of the night, black been up since 1st light.
Difference between Pink and Black spinnakers the cloth weight so wind strength they can be flown in.
Pink 0.75 oz - max 15 knots true. Black 1.5 oz - max (more balls than I have got) 25-30 knots.
We had a couple unwelcome guests jump onboard last night, flying fish found on deck in daylight.
Yesterday John surpassed the most time he has been on any passage/race. Today we have been at sea over 8 days. For me I need to get passed 11 days which did last year competing in the AZAB race.
Very warm down here in cabin today as unable to get any air flow through.
Dinner this evening, just for the cold evenings 24C, we will have Beef Casserole, hot baguette, cheese then sweet is mandarins in juice.