Mustique - Britannia Bay - Day 3

Donald Macdonald
Fri 12 Mar 2021 17:40
One super yacht and ourselves only ones left in the bay presently.
Investigated the shops ashore last night. The 1st general store was really an off-licence as that is all they sold. From my limited knowledge of wines and spirits it looked particularly well stocked with a great variety of names and the wine started in the circa £8 a bottle to ones far more most peoples weekly wage I suspect. The next general store was a proper one and you could almost have thought were in the UK with the selection they had, lots of UK brands and price wise did appear to be on-par with the other Islands in the Grenadines.
This morning spent time getting the barnacles off the rudder and around the stern plus giving good part of hull a clean. Anything more than 3-4 feet from the waterline not done or the keel. We are just too buoyant to stay down. I did wear 10 foot of anchor chain around my waist to stay down, did not work enough, will need to find more weight for next time.