Bequia - Admiralty Bay - Day 3

Donald Macdonald
Mon 15 Mar 2021 18:02
The dinghy foot pump appears OK once taken clamps off. Unable to test on dinghy as has been left in the water tied off on stern overnight. Blocking the outlet the repair does not appear to be leaking but the rubber seal with hose connector on the pump has a little one. Unless too much of a leak will stay as adapter screws holding it in place very rusty and will probably shear undoing them. May get to test tomorrow.
More barnacle scrapping this morning. The ones getting towards centreline of boat appear more stubborn to get off. That job ongoing.
The swim ladder on stern needed some small repairs and maintenance. A nut had fallen off one of the bolts the ladder spins on. Nut replaced, whilst doing that notice the steps were a little loose so all steps side screws tightened and now feels solid again. The bump strip that had been added to reduce damage to transom edge had worn through so replaced that rubber. Finally the rubber on one of the steps had come off that stops the ladder chattering on the transom when up was missing, a new one made and glued on.
Last night ate onboard and had one of the bottles of Rum Punch we got from Tobago Cays a week ago.